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1982 was the year in which Tre Emme S.p.A. was born that today represents a holding of four companies located in Italy.
The continuous investments in new products and new production technology have allowed the company to grow continuosly, always acquiring more space in the traditional market and also the DIY market to become the leader in its sector.
The principal categories of production are:

  • Draught Excluders (extruded foam in strips and sheets, adhesive and non adhesive)
  • Extruded plastic materials (for the realisation of products, examples of which are barrier tapes, cover sheets in polythene, seals in PVC - adhesive and non adhesive)
  • Adhesive tapes (including packing tapes, masking tape, insulation, cloth, antislip and many more)
The Company occupies more than 30.000 m2 of covered space which includes the production departments and merchandise warehousing.
It relies on more than 60 employees and a whole network of 42 national sales agents that contribute every day to make our main brand GEKO more important.

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